Ellen og Knud Dalhoff Larsens Fond is a family foundation established to help and support the descendents of the founder and his spouse.

In addition to helping the founder’s family, the foundation was also set up for the following purposes:

  • Charitable purposes, including education
  • Arts, crafts and other cultural purposes

The history of the foundation

The foundation was established by Knud Dalhoff Larsen, a timber merchant born in 1898.

Knud Dalhoff Larsen started his career as an apprentice grocer, but quickly realised that his interests lay more in the timber and fir industry. Knud Dalhoff Larsen became the manager of a saw mill in Silkeborg, from where he travelled to Finland to run another sawmill and timber shipping operation. He remained very fond of Finland throughout his life. Knud Dalhoff Larsen learned about the timber industry from the very bottom, and his great passion was timber from Scandinavian tree species.

When he returned to Denmark, Knud Dalhoff Larsen found work at Trælastfirmaet Harald Kjær, a timber merchants, and he and his colleague, Frees Horneman, became part owners of the company in 1935. Later, they took over the whole undertaking and changed the name to Dalhoff Larsen & Horneman A/S.

In 1973, Knud Dalhoff Larsen and his wife Ellen set up Ellen & Knud Dalhoff Larsens Fond. Knud Dalhoff Larsen transferred a shareholding in DLH A/S (the former Dalhoff Larsen & Horneman A/S) to the foundation as capital.

Knud Dalhoff Larsen died in 1974.

Applications for grants

The objects of the foundation include supporting Ellen and Knud Dalhoff Larsen’s siblings and their descendants, including their cohabiting spouses. Applications for funding will only be accepted through this website. Please describe your family relationship with Ellen or Knud Dalhoff Larsen when you apply.